Murder Mystery Blockbuster

Five stars for John McKee Solicitors in Welcome Organisation’s Murder Mystery Blockbuster

On Friday 22nd July 2016, John McKee Solicitors took part in a Murder Mystery event at Belfast Castle in aid of Charity Partner, The Welcome Organisation.

The John McKee team of sleuths, savants, sinners, servants and socialites donned 1920’s era costume to participate in the game and were given some humorous monikers for the evening. Characters such as Ulanda Babes, Inspector Bea Curious and Ash Chambers fraternised with respected lawyer Gregory McIvor, the Lord’s mistress Jane Cookson and the Lord’s daughter Elizabeth McCoy on the Belfast to Dublin Express. Hot on their tails were Inspector Jo Stone and Private Detective Eddie Valiant who were watching, waiting and listening for any loose talk.

The Train’s Conductor, himself a suspicious looking character, announced to the passengers that there had been a murder. Lady Janet Partridge Cambridge was the victim, ably played by Best Actor and Director of the Welcome Organisation, Sandra Moore.

As Lady Cambridge’s ghost haunted the carriages, participants received more information about their characters and cajoled other passengers through bribery for information surrounding the murder.

By the end of the evening, accusations and rumours had the room in a state of frenzy. Answers were needed and finally provided by superstar lawyer Gregory McIvor, played by our own eloquently moustached Samuel Francey.

As it turned out, the murderer was in our midst the whole time. John McKee’s Emily Davison showed that appearances can be deceiving. Playing the conniving Jane Cookson, she had poisoned poor Lady Cambridge while sharing a bottle of champagne.

A wonderful evening was had by all and the Welcome Organisation made a “killing” on the evening, raising over £2000 which will be spent in supporting Belfast’s homeless.