Be Fraud and Scam Aware

At John McKee Solicitors, we look after your legal affairs as if they were our own. Fraudsters are increasingly targeting law firms and their clients. The following article provides you with some advice as to how to be fraud and scam aware.

  1. DO NOT Give out your bank details unless you have verified the identity of the person you are speaking with in our firm AND are expecting funds from us about a transaction or matter that we are dealing with for you.
  2. John McKee Solicitors will provide you with our client account details if you have to send us funds. We will provide you with these on our headed notepaper or by secure email.
  3. We will NEVER contact you by phone or email to tell you that our bank details have changed after they have been provided to you by us.
  4. We will always contact you to tell you that we have received your funds. If you have sent a payment and have not heard from us, CONTACT US immediately.

What should you do if you receive a call or correspondence that doesn’t seem to match the above?


  2. END the call immediately and call us on 02890232303 from a different phone to the one on which you received the call; in case the fraudster is still on the line

  3. NEVER respond to any email in relation to money or your bank details. Send us a new email or call us using the details on our correspondence to you or our website –

  4. If you receive any emails purporting to be from us that appear suspicious or usual DO NOT open or respond to these emails and DO NOT open any attachments in case they contain a virus or spyware. Hover your cursor over the sender’s email and you will be able to see the full email address and you might find it is not actually from us.

  5. IF IN DOUBT ring our office and speak with the Partner or Solicitor dealing with your case.


For more information on fraud and scams please visit: