JM Pathway

What is JM Pathway?

With the distraction of increasingly complex and costly employment legislation directly affecting the profitability of many businesses across Northern Ireland it could be time to look at how our expertise at John McKee Solicitors can allow you to focus on what you do best.

Organisations turn to us not only because they are facing more frequent employment issues which are of a greater cost but also because they want sound and practical advice from regulated and  legally qualified advisers back by an insurance policy which will not leave them confused and exposed when most in need. To assist employers deal with these problems we have launched a dedicated Employment Law Protection Scheme for our clients called JM Pathway.

Our Scheme will be tailored to specifically suit your Organisation, whilst giving you the clear expert advice that you require without the concern of skyrocketing costs.

For more information on how JM Pathway works and its benefits, please follow the below link

Or alternatively you can contact Andrea McCann or Robyn-Dee Herdman via email.